I am Solongo. I use ancestral language and wisdom in healing. I dealt with my own issues: relationship, chronic eczema, and cultural and language barriers. When I was in Afghanistan, I graduated IIN ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition), and I am Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor and I am here to expand our Cho ( Dharma or One’s life’s purpose together).

I am confident that our body is a part of mother earth and father sky. It is crucial to understand how we are One as collective souls and deeply belong to Earth, and its neighboring planets. Alone, clinically body will not heal itself. Emotional body and unsatisfied, suffering- based life style and culturally conditioned mentalities are manifested in today’s life. As humans, if we do not fix our own wounds and suffering- without regret and shame- we will be reincarnating back to back to earth to end these revolving issues and will be creating trauma-based events. Once, Bessel Van der Kolk, president of the Trauma Research Foundation, researcher, and psychitrist said, ” The origins of the diagnosis of ” PTSD” is from Chinggis khan.” If so, it is time to end post traumatic stress disorders in all forms. In this very reason it is important to heal our own wounds through nutrition and balanced life style.

I wrote Nudes, published by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, and made SoloAnu meditation caftan, and my dharma teachers are Louise Hay, Glenn Mullin, and Kevin Turner – all internationally well-respected authors, spiritual teachers, and healers.

Your body heals itself through proper healing methods, and I share the same vision with IIN that balancing primary and secondary foods are required to reach higher consciousness. It is our dharma to heal one’s own wounds and live the life that You destined to live.  

“Be the flower you want to be and live your purest potential.” Solongo Klawitter

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