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Some people say they see angels in their dreams or on religious texts there are archangels. These angels represent how one can be compassionate, caring, and loving. I had angel incident few years back, she came to me as my client. I thought I was this person who is trained in shamanism and good at solving spiritual problems. I tried my best to unwind unconsciousness-energetic hook related issues when I was fully charged with energies that are available to all. We call it higher consciousness, or the gift of clairvoyance and my client was such a beautiful spirit who trusted my offering, and I wanted to transmit what I have learned from my ancestors. After going through surgeries, heartbreaks, and emotional issues, she was my healer. I am crying with tears, you know who you are, my dear. You are always encouraging me and saw my fault- most importantly you never gave up on me- you are the master healer. Own your path and live it, I love you from my heart, you are the most precious angel that I ever known in a human form. I love you.