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Love Is Not Complicated

She woke up at 12 am and could not go back to sleep. Her heart felt heavy, she had this feeling before, when she was in Hawai’i. The beautiful island, beaches and it was during Covid. This pandemic truly changed people’ view on love. At least for her. She never thought love is based on status, money, or one’s pay- I guess some people see love through that kind of lenses. This morning, she woke up at 0400 and felt the heavy – pulling sensation again, ” Am I having chest pain?” she confused herself with a generic symptoms that physicians talk almost everyday. The truth is it is her time to move on. Love is not complicated, it is just is. You do not open a heart to make it hurt again, because you learned to feel conditioned love. The conditioned love is transactional. I listened my heart- love is not transaction, it about enjoying darkness and joy together. Love does not hide, it exposes you and if she loves you, she does not mind one inch bit of your lies at all. Like the scars after surgeries, hearts do heal. But, is it worth the pain allowing another human to dwell in your love-based consciousness? If a man is confused with his feelings, ” what is the meaning of staying in love?” Love is soft, kind, and it helps you to overcome all the obstacles you encounter in this life.

She knows her worth, her body is a sacred space, it feels free but she deserves to be treated accordingly.

Once a boy asked, ” Do you love me?” while he was drunk. Am I going to respond directly? and say, ” Yass! I love you and then in reality not to show up to the ” Yass?” Love is not painful, it is like the dance between two people, exchanging of deep seated emotions that only, both of us, can feel. It is sacred exchange of energies, being sexual to feel this- is not enough. It is in higher level of consciousness, higher realms, where she can see your naked soul.

Still, she has no answer, the feeling is there and hanging- wishing her healed masculine to reach her in softness when she is quit in her feminine. Love does not scream or yell, it listens and offers love and compassion anyway how one could be self- centered to not see this… To be honest, staying in the empowered feminine feels so good.

If you see another man, I do not care. You do need to care, would you just lose your love because of the insecurity that was taught by your society and previous partners? You must care about the love, if you want to grow and dance together in life. Life is short and we are souls here to experience this human body. Why would you test love ? Love is just is. It does not change but it does shift in forms.

10 months have passed since I wrote Queen’s Move in Love. The chess player lost the King because it was after Ego’s desire. The little writer girl is with her bear. The bear sets there and confused, giving her mixed signals in love- one thing we both know, love is not complicated, it is like the dance, flows effortlessly. No need to pretend to love. Hurt people hurt people, and she is not the one who goes out and hurt people, she stays in her Truth.

Unconditional love is not complicated, it is just is. Love expands, it does not stay in one form.