Episode 4: Ageless Goddess and How To Use Our Past To Live Joyfully

True New Yorker at heart our ageless goddess and wonderful mother of 6, Lisa Bianco is here! Her wisdom speaks rich experiences of her life and how she listened to her call in her own unique way. 

We discuss: 

  • How to hear the language of the Universe and Trust the Call?
  • How to Trust our body when Universe pulls you and asks you to come back to your True-Self?
  • Past experiences are there for reason and help you navigate your further journey in relationship and life.
  • When is a good time to save a relationship or let it go?
  • How to listen to your heart and c gut feeling and have ” Trust” and ” Hope” to create New? 
  • On a daily basis, what do we need to do in order to Transform One’s Life and stay on the Path?

Also, we talked about lucid dreaming and how to use it to dream and journal to evaluate our consciousness for better! 

If you are interested in connecting with Lisa please find her on Instagram @flowingconnections and on facebook Lisa Bianco.

Namaste ageless goddesses!

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Episode 3 : Self Actualization and Overcoming Loss

Good morning friends!

Today’s guest is Sujan Shah, founder of VANDANA Meditation Center and a mindfulness practitioner, a fantastic meditation instructor, and a colleague from Chopra teachers. We discussed about How to express loss through staying in your shiva and shakti? Interchangeably we use these terms when we talk about healing in the realm of meditation and spiritual awakening, how to embody it?  Through Vedantic studies to self-actualize and overcome loss of loved ones and intend to heal grieving through yogic practices and the use of mantras as vehicles to help our human form and evolve our consciousness. Additionally, understand that we are made of shiva and shakti energies. So how can we as humans use these energies to manifest our higher purpose and heal everything that comes our way in our self-actualized?

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Episode 2 : Healing Broken Heart and Allowing True Love

Aloha friends!

The second episode is here! In Iran, people can die from broken heart syndrome. As human beings, we are conditioned by one’s ethnocentric cultures, traditions, and languages. Through out thousands of years of human conditioning and societal obligations, we forgot to love.

Our guest, Robert The, medical anthropologist and shamanic practitioner discusses the root causes of heartache and invites us to understand the ongoing issues of how hearts broke and what are the healing methods that we could use, and how our previous partners leave energetic imprint in our sacred space – how it affects our choices in intimate relationships. Robert explains about how to heal our broken hearts first and offering healing to balance the power dynamic within. As pioneers, we tried to awaken our understanding of dominatrix and geisha cultures and use these mysterious feminine energies to heal the broken human psyche.

More information about Robert The, please email : spiritoftheamazon@gmail.com and more information about Solongo Klawitter find her on instagram @Iamsolongo and www.solongoblue.com

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Thank you for listening! May your dharma be at ease!

Episode 1 : Healing Trauma and Facing Dharma

My very first episode is out! Never give up on your dreams!

Thank you Danielle Daou for love and sisterhood wisdom! First episode topic was on : How can we use our pain to overcome current challenges and heal what caused the pain, root problems, and move forward with our dharma.  More information about Danielle Daou on Instagram @thehighhealer and on website www.pranalakshmi.com
More information about Solongo Klawitter on Instagram @Iamsolongo and www.solongoblue.com

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Thank you everyone for the support! Goodnight and Good morning! 💙

Self Healing Tools For PTSD

There are many ways that we can heal our body, mind, and spirit. One of the powerful way is to offer gratitude to the world and heal your body. If you ever experienced PTSD, self havening is a great way to initiate healing the body. Please look at the video and brochure for self healing technique.