Meditation and Writing Workshop ( November 20, 2021)




Have you feeling down and not feeling like yourself? Do you feel depressed and not knowing what to do for tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks? You are not alone.
I created Meditation and Writing Workshop for women and mothers who are experiencing low frequencies of energies in collective subtle consciousnesses level(s). If these energies are not serving your highest good, this workshop is for you.
Through meditation and writing: your mood(s), feelings, and writing will get better and it will shift. You just need to start writing. All you need is enroll and start investing in yourself!
Here is what’s included:
– Chopra Signature Meditation ( 15 mins)
– Writing workshop and how to explore our moods to transform them through writing ( 1 hour)
– Q + A on publishing your book and how to meditate to release negative thoughts.
” You can’t help people if you cannot help yourself first”- Solongo

See you soon in the workshop.