” Solongo comes from a long and Ancient lineages of Ulaach- Spirit communicators from Mongolia.
Since embarking on her Spirit path she has been sharing her connection to the unseen realms to help people open and connect to deeper parts of them selves. Using movement. Cacao and womb healing she is able to access the subtler realms for deep healing, magic and spontaneity to happen. Wishing you so much love light and wisdom on her journey.” ~ In My Elements, Founder – Malaika MaVeena

“Solongo is very attuned to the energetic level of life and sensitive to its changes. Her passion for healing has led her to important insights, allowing her to evolve faster than anyone could imagine. I am grateful for her work and I believe her compassionate desire to help is her greatest gift.” ~ Ayurveda and meditation teacher, conscious living life coach and energy healer, Aurora Carlson.

“When it comes to Solongo, even the sky is not the limit. Solongo does not accept any limitations and is a brave action taker, able to pursue and achieve any goal that inspires her and resonates with her. Warmhearted and brave.” ~ Fashion Inventor, Founder of Quantum Factory, Julia Antufjew.

“My name is Ichinnorov. I would like to share my experience how I refreshed. I was just existing many years. I did not do anything valuable, just living and was confused with life. Always looking for something and did not find it. Meeting Solongo was like Universe heard my wishes, and I started to feel what was not working in my life. It was like a beaming light appeared in my consciousness, and I started to use mindfulness. Life is opening up to me, and it gave me the hope to stand up, and gave me power to live again. I trust this important meeting was planned, and I like to express my gratitude. When I was experiencing back pain, ( I did not tell her), Solongo did energy healing treatment and that stuck up energy went away. I received strong mental power and now I have a desire to work again. Universe gave me this important message, and I started to feel how rich the life is. I wish her the best in life and work. I wish many people will find the way to live the happiest life, and I wish everyone to live happy. One more thing I must mention is mirror therapy. I do not like to see myself in the mirror, I used to get scared from mirror. At that time, I did not know Solongo was doing a mirror therapy on me. We did the therapy together and as result I saw myself and I faced and found my true-self. I realized “Life is nice, living is more than life.” ~ Mother of One , Ichinnorov

“Solongo and I met first through the Chopra Meditation certification course. One thing that stuck to my mind from the get to that she had balanced energy of Shiva and Shakti. She is a beautiful mix of healing energies that can help this world in need to live a blissful life. She had helped me to realign my Shiva and Shakti energy to heal others and create a wonderful world around us with improved awareness and better quality of our experiences surrounding us. I highly recommend her for knowing and aligning your energy for obtaining and transforming your life. I am so happy to be her colleague and friend. With deep gratitude.”~ Sujan Speaks At VANDANA Meditation Center

“My name is Onon Harris. I’m a mother of three children, wife, full time nurse, and a lifelong student. I had the incredible chance to experience healing session with Solongo. She is one of the most powerful Mongolian Shaman, and a medium in this world.  Mongolian shamans are known to be the most powerful shamans and healers. Yet, she is so humble, beautiful, genuine, and caring soul I have ever met. I’ve been numb to everyday life and fell into routine until I realized that I needed to live my life to the fullest. Prior to my healing session she explained what will happen on that day.  My healing day was chosen carefully and happened right after we had full moon on July 5, 2020. She is professional and caring at the same time. She guided me through her teachings and let me see the sun. During my healing sessions there were moments of laughter, cry, and bursts of emotions flowing out of me that I couldn’t explain. She sees right through you. There were times she would tell me things about me that nobody knows, and I would be shocked. I felt like I was stuck in life and i felt like a blind person trying to find her way. She opened that veil and I can see clearly what I want in life. I feel this overjoy and lightness after the healing session. I know this is just the beginning. I will still continue my healing sessions with her. I believe everyone needs an incredible healer like her in this world full of trauma, heartbreak, and other stressors.  I am forever grateful that I can say she is my lifelong teacher, mentor, and a friend.” ~ Mother of three and Nurse, Onon Harris

“Deeply grateful for the group meditation led by Solongo this morning. I found a space of stillness and loved the power of Divine vibrating and communicating within us, as an example of this expression the sounds of the birds as a celestial music on our back of meditation. Solongo gracefully concluded our collective meditation introducing to us a oracle card by Colette. The experience brought light to begin my day nourishing my intentions as a Chopra teacher to be an agent of transformation to create the New Age of Enlightenment on Earth. OM Shanti.” ~ Chopra Meditation Teacher, Sabrina Mubarak